About Kobi Simmat

Founder & CEO

Kobi Simmat

Kobi Simmat: Dad; business coach, entrepreneur, author; speaker; Founder of Best Practice Biz. As one of Australia's leading business advisors, with over 25 years of experience, Kobi strives to unleash the potential in everything everywhere, provide friendly, flexible business solutions, and a commitment to continual improvement. Kobi’s passion and depth of knowledge in business management assessments, advisory and training have been channelled into processes adopted and provided to clients. To date, Kobi has consulted in over 7 countries, 50 different industries and over 50,000 individuals.

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His Journey


Kobi started out when he was just 28, he experienced those foundational mistakes early on and overcame both professional and personal adversity, facilitating his success in helping others who are on their journey now.

Along the way, Kobi gained traction and recognition as a business coach, further acknowledged when selected as a finalist for Outstanding Business Person of the Year in the Northern Beaches Local Business Awards and his feature in the ‘Top 50 Unsung Business Heroes.’


His Mission


Kobi's ultimate goal is to inspire improvement in 100 million companies.

As your business coach, Kobi's mission is to guide and improve, empowering your business towards consistent and sustainable growth.

Taking on an empathetic approach,  Kobi acknowledges that not every entrepreneur has the capital to invest in agencies, Kobi aims to provide both free and paid resources for anyone who seeks them. In turn, this has lead to his podcast, The Kobi Simmat Audio Experience and YouTube channel Best Practice TV, both reaching over 2 million views.

With Kobi as your business mentor, you will be provided with the necessary resources to catapult your business towards the success you have always envisioned.

His Philosophy


Kobi's philosophy revolves around the idea of having a personal ‘WHY’. This ‘Why’ is your pulse. It encompasses your core values, purpose, personality, key attributes and ultimate goals.

His indisputable vision is to inspire people to go beyond their wildest expectations and my pulse is to unleash potential. Once you start to understand and delve deeper into your personal ‘WHY’ you'll start to feel passion burn inside of you. Kobi believes that when you really start to align your life with your why you will live an amazing life and in turn, inspire others too.