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About the Host

“Storyteller, speaker and entrepreneur who could talk underwater with a mouthful of marbles.”

Kobi Simmat hated school, until the day Aussie entrepreneur Dick Smith walked into his classroom and said that school isn’t everything. A specialist in business certification, he shares his unique knowledge of the workplace and people management. Most importantly, he believes in people having fun.

In business specifically, Kobi’s philosophy is about ensuring you create an amazingly uplifting experience for everybody. For all the touchpoints -anyone involved with the business – even if you’re not commercially transacting with them, it’s important to be giving. You’re not expecting reciprocity. You become a remarkable brand, meaning you’re a brand that’s worth remarking on, and that’s when a brand really starts to grow.

Kobi's expertise pivots around:

  1. Growing and scaling in business.
  2. Establishing a positive company-wide culture.
  3. Implementing growth focussed management systems.
  4. The winning formula for recurring A-Players.
  5. Key elements of a business growth strategy.
  6. How to deploy social media at scale.

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